Fujifilm X-Series

Fujifilm X-Series

Having using Nikon DSLR’s most of my entire life of photography, it came to a point where I became tired of carrying a bulky DSLR and lenses and decided that it was time that I got myself a camera that was light, easy to carry and one that could also pack and punch and deliver amazing results all at the same time.

Once I started using the camera gear and saw the quality of the images, I was hooked and made the switch completely to the Fujifilm X series.

It was in 2017 whilst living in Dubai, UAE that I started researching into mirrorless cameras and the three that caught my attention were the Sony A7 III, Panasonic Lumix G9 and the Fujifilm X-T2. After testing the cameras, I finally decided to settle for the Fujifilm X-T2 with the XF35mm f2 lens. It was small, low in build and weight, good price and one that could easily be slipped into a backpack.

Once I started using the camera gear, I was impressed with the quality of the images it produced, I was immediately hooked and decided to make a full transition to the Fujifilm X series. The camera is truly a photographers delight with it's suite of film simulation models and also especially when travelling; it has proved to be unobtrusive and less intimidating than the Nikon DSLR.

After a couple of months, I further added the XF10-24mm lens alongside the f2.8 XF50-140mm. At the start of 2018, after reading reviews, it was time to invest in a second body and decided to purchase the X-T3 along with the XF16-55mm f2.8 and the XF56mm f1.2 lens kit.

I now use the Fujifilm X-T3 series for all my professional and personal work and the X-T2 as the back-up body. The gear travels with me everywhere I go. The only drawback I find is with the battery life. The batteries drain very quickly if you are trigger-happy and out doing street photography. I really wish for Fujifilm to find a solution to prolong the battery life. However I have had no regrets in switching to the X-series. Be sure to always keep a few spares, which will get you through the day.

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